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7/19/22 - i've added a comments section on every story just in case you wanna leave anonymous notes or comments! :-) they require sign in just for server reasons but otherwise u can post comments totally anonymously, i posted a test comment here to demo it. yay!! my very own ao3. lol

09/2022: i enrolled in a intro to fiction writing class and have been writing a lot for it, and i decided to put my stuff here! here are some stories i wrote for this class and some that maybe i didn't write for the class etc etc etc have fun this is all for funsies. sorted chronologically, with the ones at the top of the list being most recently added

next to titles, after a dash, is the source the characters are from. if not specified, it's just original. a lot are written using my own OCs, some just come from the bean, and rarely do I dip my toes into fanfic

for fun stir fry or die - centi and eva (chainsaw man OC)

for fun I kill things. - narae (lobcorp OCs)

image prompt No Time to Explain - OCs (flaming possums)

song prompt bang the doldrums - OC short piece (flaming possums)

for fun friday - julian, eva, and griffin (lobcorp OCs)

in-class prompt Come In - adam & benamin (lobotomy corp)

title prompt satan on wheels (short silly story)

image prompt red room - julian (lobcorp OC)

object prompt Big Mouth Billy Bass (short story)

in-class prompt guardian angel (part 1 and 2)

in-class prompt magical girl (short story)

image prompt robot (fallout4 inspired short story)

halloween horror story ryu - 2000s vocaloid inspired horror story (has special html theme)

halloween prompt hiding - juggernaut event (OCs)

dice prompt beetle camp (horror)

image prompt jester (short story)

outcast first person narrator our lost conductor - eva (OCs)

for fun time loop attempt - julian (OCs)

compelling introductions Evacuation 1, 2, and 3 - lobcorp OCS

image prompt The Smile Room - space deer (OC)

image prompt Mermaid (short story)

in-class prompt Old Friend - Opaldew (OC)

image prompt Fox (short story)

given first line 2 Love - DnD OC

given first line Love (attempt 1)

10 to 1 monday - virtual singer (poem...?)

for fun info disease - julian and eva (lobcorp OCs)


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