buggy's commissions

hi, welcome to my commissions page. my commissions are currently open

slots open: 2/2

find prices below based on what you want. unsure? don't worry, all of the options link back to the same page, just different locations, so you can browse through them as you'd like!

Contact me through email through firebugging@gmail.com, or on Discord @custard 🍮#5300, or over Instagram DMs @firebuug!
I don't mind if you don't know how to request a commission-- trust me, I feel you. Just let me know what you're here for and I'll hear you out.

will/wont do's
Humans, anthros, mecha, any species! Fetish art or species
OCs, canon characters, real people, pets, etc. Political figures, widely-regarded problematic people
Eye strain, blood, gore, suggestive art (MUST BE 18+ both commissioner AND character. Characters must look their age, no 200+ year olds in minor bodies.) Explicit NSFW, bust-down nudity, suicide or S.H., anything offensive or propaganda
Joke art, memes, or meme animations (yes i’ll animate them doing a fortnite dance) Super duper duper intricate designs just for my sanity’s sake
payment info

  • I accept payment through my Paypal.me link in USD, which I’ll send when ready for payment :] I also can make an invoice, use cashapp, or accept Amazon giftcard if needed but paypal.me is preferred!

  • Paypal automatically converts any currency to USD.

  • When I accept a commission, I’ll work on drawing a sketch for the piece first. After the sketch is done, I’ll send it to you and ask if you’d like anything changed or added before I start lining. Once you confirm, I’ll accept payment, and once the payment goes through I’ll start working on finishing it! If something happens and I cannot finish I will send you the money back
misc commission info

  • Feel free to ask me for updates on progress or to check in. I’ll let you know if anything arises that may cause the commission to be a bit delayed.

  • I might post the commission on my instagram or tumblr when I finish, but please lmk if you’d rather me not! I don’t mind! Also lmk if you don’t want me to tag you in it lol

digital art
paper dolls

i am scared, i want to go home