the smile room

10/03/22 - in-class writing prompt, an image prompt. the image given to us was "the smile room" picture, something i've seen a few times before! i actually drew over it before with an oc of mine, i'll add that here lololol.

the characters here are from my old space deer universe, i wanted to play with them again because it's been a while since i developed them and their wacky world :) i'll add pictures of them below the story


       I wasn’t much of a fan of dentist appointments, but now living as a space pirate constantly on the run, there weren’t many reliable places to get your skull cleaned around the galaxy. At least none that we’d be guaranteed to not be recognized in—except this one. 

Jasper, my crewmate and my tightest friend, had been the one to insist we get a check-up. I obviously protested—I mean, we’re pirates, what kind of pirates schedule dentist appointments? But Jasper, worried for each of us as usual, made the call anyway, and managed to book us a spot at the most ominous back-alley dentist on earth.

“The…Rusty Pick?” I whispered to Jasper as we silently approached the inconspicuous side door. “What kind of reliable dentist office is named the Rusty Pick?”

“Shush,” he whispered back, “Dr. Ellis Stein is the most reliable guy I could find around here. You should be grateful I found anything at all.”

He knocked on the door three times. We heard the sudden crash of falling equipment and small objects, the scattering of said objects, and finally fast footsteps hurrying to the door.

The door flung open and I had to crane my neck down to what looked like a 12 year old in a labcoat much too big for him.

“Ah! Welcome!” He greeted us cheerily. He shook Jasper’s clawed hand enthusiastically before grabbing mine and shaking it just as hard. “Come, come, you’re the only appointment I have today, so I have you all to myself!” He immediately scurried and disappeared into the dark, unlit building. I gave Jasper a furious look.

“Dude,” I started, “this kid doesn’t look older than 12.”

“Hey now,” Jasper retorted. “People age at all different rates down here. This guy’s species is old enough to be my father.” He pushed past me and started down the darkened hall.

We walked for what felt like a good 20 minutes as Dr. Stein rambled on about his services, how long he’s been at it, and all the positively ecstatic customers he had practically begging to return. All the while the halls began to look more and more delipidated, and the stench of garbage and waste became increasingly unbearable. They were painted nauseatingly pastel colors, with rainbows and smiley faces dotting the halls as if to ensure us we were in the right place. Finally he stopped before an ominous looking door.

“Here we are! The Smile Room! You two just step right in and make yourself comfortable!” Dr. Stein grinned wide and waited for us to open the door. His good eye was fixed straight on us, flicking from me to Jasper, and his small wings fluttered with excitement. 

Jasper took the risk and opened up the door.

Behind the dreaded Smile Room door was…a totally normal, heavily sanitized dentist’s office. There were three men who looked straight copy-pasted from a stock image website grinning with brilliant white teeth, eyes all blue and stubble all perfectly groomed in the exact same way. They held up dental tools at the exact same angle, with the same overwhelming friendliness, and the dental chairs swiveled in unison as they turned to face us.

“Welcome! We’ll have you smiling in no time,” They all spoke together. “Just sit down and get comfortable, won’t you?”

I couldn’t help it. I broke out in a run, screaming down the Smile Room halls, and Jasper had to chase me down the entire way back.


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