magical girl

11/14/22 - honestly iiiii forgot the prompt for this one! it wasn't a visual one but damn if i just straight up went and Forgor. im gonna be real a lot of my inclass writings are kinda halfassed but hey man. theyre writing. 4kids. lets GO


I am a magical girl. I am the protector of the innocent, the slayer of all evil. I use the power of friendship and love to overcome everything that is thrown at me. I can slay demons and melt the skulls of corrupt warlocks with the twitch of a wand, and all with time to finish my algebra homework at the end of the day.

I am only fourteen, but I have accepted who I am, and who I will be until the end of time.

My friends had been noticing I had been acting strange lately, for the past few weeks. It’s not like anything drastic happened. I just needed some time for myself. Dealing with the world’s problems day after day and going home to focus on school at night while also trying to fit in a social life has been difficult. I can’t keep up with it. To add onto all of this, we recently lost our fourth magical girl, and the weight of seeing that desk in my homeroom class empty had been too much to handle. So naturally, I drew back from it all. From school, from work, from life. What’s the harm in that? Everyone needs time for themself.

But again, I knew that doing this alone would kill me. I still never listened.

I listened from my bedroom as the latest fight of the day wrecked havoc onto my city. It was time for me to get back to work. I knew the other two members of my team would be there already, I was always the one to show up late. I didn’t want to hold them back. I donned my fight armor—a frilly red dress and a large magic wand—and propped open the window. I climbed out and made my descent.

The monster was something strange, but it wasn’t unusual. Just another grotesque beast to slay. It took the form of a giant wolf encased in glittering red gemstone, prowling the streets of Osaka with a crystalline growl in its throat. My two friends were already there, as expected, but they weren’t fighting. Instead, they stood together in a huddle near a street corner.

“What’s the matter?” I shouted as I approached them. “Why aren’t we fighting?”

“We can’t,” said the tallest of my team, our fierce leader. “Every time we hit it, it…it bleeds out this strange liquid, but it crystallizes back into skin harder than before. And whenever we stop attacking it, it just…leaves us alone!”

“Well, maybe you just have to hit it hard enough,” I said, rolling up the sleeves of my gloves. I took my wand in my dominant hand and took off towards the crystal beast. 

When I stopped before it, it didn’t attack. It simply gazed down at me, featureless face glimmering and devoid of emotion.

What I did see in its chiseled head, however, were two pairs of eyes peering directly at me.

They were my eyes.

I raised my wand and felt heat charging up at the end. I shouted my magical attack and shot it forwards, a beam of light piercing it between the eyes and melting a hole deep into it. It whimpered and howled, bowing down in pain, and as expected, pink glittery liquid streamed from the crater left behind. As it cried out, I felt something faint, a weak pressure build  up behind my eyes. 

As expected, the liquid quickly cooled and hardened into the red crystal casing. The pain in my head subsequently vanished.

“Don’t hurt it!” My leader yelled out! “It won’t even fight back! We might have to—”

But it did. It bared its jaws and lunged. 

It grabbed me right between its sharp teeth and tossed me up into the air. It thwacked me with its head directly into a building. It crumbled behind me—I was used to this. But why would my team lie to me like that?

The team began to run to my aid. The leader took hold of her magical lance and tried to pierce it, but nothing would get through. The other took her bow and arrow and shot, but they all fell uselessly to the ground. It was unstoppable, and it only wanted me dead.

I wedged myself out of the wall, and readied a new shot. This one beamed out hotter and angrier, and melted its face once more. It revealed a bright pink skull, and the longer the shot held, the more I began to notice the burning hot pain in my head get worse.

I stopped the shot. I noticed something hot and warm dripping down my forehead.

The world began to spin around me, and I fell from the air. The wolf fell with me. The world turned to black.


i am a magical girl, i want to go home