old friend

09/21/2022:in-class writing prompt based on a set of requirements we all decided on together! here they are:

  1. 300 words max- need a full arch of the story
  2. 2 characters
  3. Some type of conflict
  4. Begin In Media Res (in the middle of action)
  5. Told from the Villain's point of view

this one was quite hard. i decided to write about my two old ocs, cody gryphon and raven woodsrunner for this one! if it isn't obvious, i made them when i was very young and had a future arc where they were in a zombie apocalypse.


I never expected to be working alongside this disgrace of a man. Each time he took out yet another undead, I only wished more to yank him back and finish him off so I could do this myself.

But I couldn’t. I was stuck with him alone, all because I was saddled with getting home to my youngest sister alive.

We were on the outskirts. He found me in shambles, struggling to fight off crowds with nothing but my spear. It was pathetic, my display of weakness.

“Cody!” His nauseating voice shouted from above. “Step back!” In my dazed fury my brain followed his orders like a puppet on a string. I did my best to separate myself from the horde while he summoned a scorching pillar of light from his palm. It ripped through the crowd like a knife through butter.

I hated how powerful he had become.

“What are you doing here?” I barked at him, picking off any loose ends of the mass. “Haven’t I scared you off yet?”

“Shut up and keep at it!” The boy— well, a man now— had been a rock in my shoe for as long as I remembered. Woodsrunner— his first name held no importance to me. His family and what they did to mine was the only thing that sealed into my mind. Yet he continued on as if nothing has happened— did the blood on his father’s hands mean nothing to him?

I said nothing as we whittled down the horde until nothing was left. All that followed after was tense silence as he made sure they were down for good.

“This doesn’t change anything,” I muttered, trying to bandage my wounds.

“I know it won’t,” he responded. “Just make sure your sister’s alright.”

I hate how he still manages to be kind.


i am scared, i want to go home