ouroboros saturday

10 to 1 stories

09/09/2022: in my intro to fiction class one of our assignments was to write a story that started with 10 words and went down until it ended up at 1! here are the two I wrote, the first one being the one i presented in class


It’ll become Monday once again. We’ll be late for work.
You’ll brag about finishing that manuscript just in time.
“It’s my best work,” you’ll rattle on endlessly.
The wind will steal your prized piece,
Playfully sweep it into the street.
Every time, I’m always slow.
I’ll lose you again.
I’ll be ready,
Next time.


virtual singer (unnamed)

I am programmed to make every sound known to man,
My life is devoted to singing your written script.
Yet in the end, no words will suffice.
Eventually you grow bored of me,
But I refuse to go silently.
Even if I break down,
I will still sing.
My voice echoes,
Into eternity.


monday was based off this song i had been listening to a lot called kagerou daze, what happens is that someone spends a day as normal until their friend or partner chases a cat into the street and gets run over, and the day repeats itself i really like time loopy stuff and had been listening to it alot so i decided to write about it for my first class assignment! it was also inspired loosely by my ocs julian and eva because julian is stuck in a perpetual time loop and has had to watch his friends and loved ones die a lot! i channeled eva's energy into the character being described as rattling on about thier manuscript

virtual singer is probably obviously based off of hatsune miku and other virtual singers/vocaloids but it was partciularly inspired by the song end of hatsune miku, where miku is being deleted off of someone's computer and is trying to get all the words out. I thought this format would be perfect for a story like this because as you go down the worda become less and less, symbolizing her slowly being wiped off the computer and unable to speak. i love miku i would never wish harm upon her but i did have fun using her as my muse for this story. i didn't show this one in class because i was a little embarrassed if anyone recognized what it was about.

i am scared, i want to go home