i walked down to the library today after school and freaked the FUCK out on the way there cuz i hate walking alongside the road for some readon and when i got there it was closed for columbus day. it is HOT!!! and i didnt bring water (i forgot) or a hairtie and im carrying a big ass sweater bc it was cold in the house. and im wearing my big ass striped skuggy pants so IM SWELTERING but its ok. i met this kid and this lady who also came here but saw it was closed and we talked a little about Who The Fuck Celebrates Columbus Fay Anyways and like booooo we wanted to go inside. the lady offered me a ride but i said no because my grandmas on the way here and ive done that before when i was in elementary and got into the HOTTEST shit w my parents and my babysitter at the time lol. honestly idk why i didnt walk but i guess i was little and wanted 2 hang with my friend who wasnt really a friend i just recognized her from school.
anyways now im stuck waiting here but apparently barnes and noboe is near here which means legacy plaza is near here which means i can probably make it over there someday id i bring my scooter. i still dont know how im gonna bring a scooter to school without it looking weird as duck but i guess if i just bring a bike lock and leave it in the bike raxk its fine. whatever u_u
ive been watching a LOT of dexter lately and season 6 has gotten me FUCKED UP!!!!!! rudy appeared again which fucking rocked because hes so cool and ominous and stuff and i think he knows the assignment. hes a theater kid he Knows what hes doing his performance is so lively and fun and bonkers yonkers compared to the others. he has more Flavor. and while i know the others Arent supposed to have flavor bc its a realism kinda show (kinda?) i think having one or two dudes that are just off the fuckin wall bonkers is always fun. i loved seeing dex try to like fight off his apeshit instinct but eventually like surrender to rudy (who symbolizes his dark passenger? or at least his Evil Unrestrained dark passenger. his hashtag I sanity as one would call it in 2013.) abd go off the fuckin wall. that scene where harrisson (the dad) is waiting for him by the side of the road for him to pick him up really fucked me up thats rlly good symbolism even if its a bit obvious. i wuv symbols

i really did NOT like that whole fuckin Debras In Love With Her Brother plotline thing it fucking sucked and it made me think they realized last minute "oh shit we didnt give dex a new love interedt this season what women are left in the show" and it landed on dev. like what......... anywaysssssssss tummy hurt i think im done. OH YEAH a nice teacher was recycling dvd jewel cases and i went OHSHIT bc . she dropped on so i picked it up and she was like Thanks and i asked if i could keep the cases and she said sure so now i have. cases! yay! i gotta ask around to see if any teachers have dvd booklets they need to get rid off too. i saw that teacher on the first floor of the BB building where i usually enter from the parking lot, maybe ill run into her again! whatevs. ok bye im so fucking sweaty i wanna nap